What Makes Squid Jigs Effective for Squid Fishing?

The Savage Gear 3D Swim Squid Jig is a versatile and effective tool for squid fishing. This jig can be used in various ways, including casting and retrieving, slow jigging, or trolling. It’s particularly useful when other methods fail to attract squid. A critical aspect of learning how to fish for squid involves using specialized “squid jigs.”

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These jigs can be enhanced by sliding on bait such as pilchard, herring, or yellowtail. The Shamalo jig, designed for the popular Japanese squid tactic of ‘Tataki’, is fished above a sinker and jigged similarly to feathers and sabikis. Squid fishing offers intriguing sport and provides tasty bait for filling the bait freezer.

There’s a great range of squid jigs available, including scented variants, squid rigs, jig wallets, and more. Specialized squid jigs are specifically designed for catching squid and cuttlefish. For instance, Totto Sutte Super Bright squid jigs are made to mimic small fish, making them irresistible to squid.

When fishing for squid, it’s essential to consider several factors in selecting the right jig, such as size. Interestingly, research suggests that blue-colored jigs are ~15% less likely to attract squid compared to warm white or cool white jigs. These jigs are often used with barbless lures on monofilament lines, which are jigged up and down in the water, sometimes by machines, to entice squid.

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