What Are the Best Squid Jigs of 2020 for Successful Squid Fishing?

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The quest for the best squid jigs in 2020 has highlighted several top choices for anglers. Among these, the Yo-Zuri Squid Jig Ultra Lens Sinking Lure stands out for its versatility. It’s ideal for different water depths, with smaller jigs suitable for shallow waters and larger ones for catching bigger squid. Each jig measures 115mm in length and weighs 18gm.

Squid Jig Image

Anglers can purchase an assortment of 10 squid jigs, conveniently supplied in a zipped carry case. This variety is essential as squid jigging in British waters is becoming increasingly popular, with anglers developing specialized methods and techniques. The captures of chokka squid (Loligo reynaudii) by the South African jigging fishery, related to inshore spawning aggregations, underscore the effectiveness of these techniques.

Yo-Zuri Squid Jig Ultra Lens Sinking Lure (ebay ad)

The Shimano Sephia Egixile range, highly regarded among Australian EGI anglers, has been revamped and relaunched in collaboration with Shimano Japan, offering a unique product to Australian customers. Other noteworthy lures include the Savage Gear 3D Swim Squid Jig, known for its built-in rattle, strong flashing, UV details, and fluorescent features. These attributes make it an attractive option for squid fishing.

Various techniques are employed in squid fishing, such as casting and slowly jigging the rod up and down. This versatility in methods means that different types of squid jigs can be effective, with color choices often playing a critical role in success. The Savage Gear Sand Eel Jig Heads and other products like pre-rigged squid lures that glow in the dark are also part of this diverse fishing toolkit.

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