Exploring Sea Fishing Rigs: Techniques, Tips, and Tackle Selection

Exploring Sea Fishing Rigs: Techniques, Tips, and Tackle Selection

Making sea fishing rigs involves selecting the right type of line and components to target specific fish species effectively. The 60lb breaking strain line is ideal for rig bodies, with the Trace Builder 60lb Clear Rig Body Line being a popular choice. For hook snoods, a 15 – 30lb b.s. memory-free line like the Amnesia Snood Line is recommended, offering excellent performance and popularity among UK anglers. WSB Specimen Mono is another good option for this purpose. Additionally, a 10lb breaking strain line is suggested for creating weak links in the rig.

When it comes to all-round fishing rigs, these are designed for scenarios where no specific species is targeted, making them versatile for various fish. Suitable for most UK shore fishing marks, these rigs can be used on clean to mixed ground. Such versatility makes them a staple for anglers.

For those looking for top-notch sea fishing gear, brands like Daiwa, Shimano, Penn, Mitchell, and Rapala stand out. Angling Direct, a leading stockist in the country, offers a wide range of sea fishing tackle from these brands, often with exclusive deals.

Cronus Sea Fishing Rigs, available since 2013, exemplify high-quality craftsmanship. Made with components such as Amnesia snood line, Mustad, Kamasan, and Cronus hooks, Gemini neoprene rig tubing, and Trace Builder links, clips, and swivels, these rigs are hand-made in the UK. They can be customized with different hook sizes, adding to their appeal.

Articles and guides on sea fishing rigs are abundant, offering insights into various techniques and setups. Featured rigs include pulley rigs, hi-attract rigs for flatfish, and flapper rigs for multiple species, all designed with practicality and effectiveness in mind.

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SeaRigs UK Limited specializes in hand-crafted, field-tested sea fishing rigs and terminal tackle. Their range includes beach, shore, pier, and boat rigs, along with essential accessories like beads, swivels, hooks, links, and crimps.

Angling Direct caters to all sea fishing rig needs, whether for boat or shore fishing. Their selection includes a variety of beads, clips, tubing, and fishing traces, as well as leads like impact breakaways and sinkers, essential for placing hookbait accurately.

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Exploring Sea Fishing Rigs: Techniques, Tips, and Tackle Selection

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