Maximizing Your Fishing Experience with the Right Side Tray

Matrix Extending Side Tray Large

The Matrix Extending Side Tray Large is designed to comfortably hold 8 x 3 pint bait boxes. This accessory is equipped with a full range of Off Box inserts, making it adaptable to fit most seat boxes. It also includes a telescopic support leg for added stability.

Matrix Extending Side Tray Large
Matrix Extending Side Tray Large (ebay ad)

Side trays like the Preston Offbox 36 Venta Lite Slimline Tray are often used as on-bank rigging stations. The Venta-Lite mesh promotes airflow, keeping bait cool and reducing overall weight. These trays are especially useful when fishing with multiple rods or requiring various bait and equipment readily at hand.

For anglers seeking more extensive features, the Preston Innovations OffBox Pro Side Tray offers a robust and versatile solution. It is available in two sizes, fitting 25mm, 30mm, and 36mm round legs, catering to a wide range of fishing setups.

Understanding the utility of such trays, Nufish has included inserts to fit 19mm – 36mm legs, ensuring compatibility with a variety of seat boxes. Moreover, their side tray bag features mesh side vents, allowing airflow and preventing odors from lake water and fish.

These accessories not only provide additional storage and support but also enhance comfort and efficiency during fishing activities, making them indispensable for both amateur and professional anglers.

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