Exploring the Versatility and Durability of Drennan Zeppler Pike Floats

Drennan Zeppler Pike Floats

Drennan Crystal Zeppler floats, made of clear plastic, are notable for being among the first of their kind. These floats boast super durable high-density foam and extra strong side eyes, crafted with top-quality components. While float fishing has its charm, legering often proves to be a more efficient method for deadbaiting pike.

Drennan Zeppler Pike Floats (ebay ad)

The Drennan Pike Bob Floats, traditional in design, can be used either slider style or fixed between two float stops. For bottom-only fishing, they are best positioned with a leger stop on each side. Korum Tackle, designed for both pleasure and specialist anglers, enhances the fishing experience with its top-quality products. Attaching the mainline at the bottom of these floats helps in sinking the line between the rod tip and the float, improving efficiency.

Drennan Zeppler Pike Floats

Leeda’s float kits contain everything necessary for setting up a float-rig for deadbaits. These kits include a variety of floats like the pike slider float, pike pencil float, pike drifter float, and the pike bobber float. The kit also comprises ball weight swivels, rubber beads, AXIA semi-barbless treble hooks, and float stops. E-Sox consultant Steve Rowley recommends a float leger setup for targeting large pike, especially in rivers like the Wye.

The Float Stop Kit is a crucial component in setting the float’s depth. It’s used by feeding the mainline through a wire loop, pulling the components onto the mainline. A small, chunky bung-type pike float, perfect for suspending small live and deadbaits, offers a significant advantage in pike fishing. It’s also essential to always use a wire trace with pike, as they can easily cut through mono, braid, and fluoro lines.

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For different fishing conditions, the choice of float is critical. In still or slack waters, a long cigar-shaped float is ideal for presenting deadbaits. The Fox Rage Predator HD Dart Slider Floats are known for their strength and durability, making them nearly indestructible. These floats are also suitable for sea anglers in calmer waters like harbours and estuaries. Remember to adjust the float for optimal responsiveness and to prevent slack line formation.

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