Exploring the Benefits of Dried Mealworms for a Variety of Animals

Livefood Warehouse Mealworms

At Livefood Warehouse, we specialize in providing wholesale Mealworms across the UK, catering to a wide range of animals including wild birds, tropical fish, semi-aquatic amphibians, reptiles, hamsters, chickens, and hedgehogs. Our dried mealworms are available in various sizes, ranging from 11lb to 66lb bags, ensuring a fit for every need. These mealworms, packed with protein, vitamins, and high-grade edible oils, are a nutritious food source that supports egg production and healthy bone development in young chicks, making them ideal during the fledgling season.

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We also offer accessories such as worm blankets, designed to regulate temperature and humidity in worm bins, enhancing the environment for the mealworms. Our mealworms are raised with care, weighed, and packed with wheat bran bedding for optimal health and quality. The versatility of mealworms extends beyond feeding; they can also aid in soil improvement, providing benefits like aeration and fertility when added to compost and new soil in raised beds.

Mealworm larvae are nutritionally comparable to beef, containing high levels of potassium, copper, sodium, selenium, iron, and zinc. This nutrient-rich food is not only beneficial for animals but can also be an effective bait for fishing, especially in ice fishing for Trout or Perch. Our range of mealworms includes both standard and medium sizes to suit various feeding and gardening needs. With their high protein and fat content, mealworms are an excellent food choice throughout the year, particularly during the critical nesting periods of spring and early summer.

Livefood Warehouse Mealworms

For those looking to support wild birds or keep pets like lizards, chickens, and hedgehogs healthy and well-fed, our dried mealworms offer a premium-grade solution. They are 100% natural, free from preservatives, and are an ideal choice for ensuring the well-being of various animals. In addition to our mealworm offerings, Livefood Warehouse is also a leading producer of crickets, superworms, flightless fruit flies, hissing cockroaches, and offers a complete line of reptile feeds, making us a one-stop solution for all livefood requirements.

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