Explore the Benefits of Steamies: Gourmet Carp Baits by Individual Baits

Explore the Benefits of Steamies: Gourmet Carp Baits by Individual Baits

Individual Baits presents Steamies, a line of gourmet carp baits designed for discerning fish. Steamies stand out because they are steamed rather than boiled, retaining 55% more nutritional content, a principle scientifically proven with vegetables. Boiling baits can denature them by 66%, but steaming only causes an 11% denaturation. Available in various sizes like 12mm and 15mm, Steamies are crafted for effectiveness in different fishing situations and times of the year.

DT Baits enhances your fishing experience with a range of high-quality baits, expert advice, and informative articles. Their bait ranges have been tested extensively and have proven to be exceptional carp catchers.

Individual Baits also offers Base Mix Kits, complete with liquid attractors and a mixing guideline sheet. With over 10 years of experience in making their own base mixes and producing baits, they now provide their successful creations in kit form for anglers.

In addition to Steamies, the product range includes Ziggies, two-tone super buoyant micro zig rig hook baits, measuring 8x10mm. These can be fished singly or doubled up to mix colors for quick bites when fish aren’t feeding at the bottom.

The Tigernut & Toffee Boilies (TNT) from Steamies are part of the flagship products in the Individual Baits Range, offering gourmet carp food. Similarly, the Krill & Bloodworm Boilies are designed to appeal to carp’s taste preferences.

Steamies Paste, made to the same recipe as the Steamies range, is designed to attract carp more effectively. It can be used in various ways, such as rolling around the hook bait, adding to sticks for instant leakage around traps, or wrapping around leads for added attraction.

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For those seeking an even more irresistible option, Nutties combine the best aspects of the carp’s favorite nuts into a highly attractive form.

Discover more about these innovative carp baits at Individual Baits and DT Baits.

Explore the Benefits of Steamies: Gourmet Carp Baits by Individual Baits

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