Unlocking the Secrets of Long-Distance Float Fishing: Techniques and Equipment

Long-Distance Float Fishing

Fishing at a distance with a float and a boilie can be quite challenging, especially in situations like fishing a local lake with an island 100 yards out. The fish often cruise around the island, either on the surface or just below it. Reaching them with freebies using a catapult can be difficult, which is where a spod comes in handy. Spods are excellent for baiting at range, ensuring that your bait reaches the desired spot.

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When dealing with a surface tow on the water, straight wagglers are the ideal choice. These allow you to fish over-depth effectively. Speaking of floats, fish fishing floats or bobbers made of high-density EPS foam are noteworthy. They are lightweight yet offer high buoyancy, making them perfect for surface fishing. Surface fishing, especially during short morning and evening trips, can result in multiple catches once the fish have been located.

Long-Distance Float Fishing

For those who prefer convenience, there are float sets available that include a total of 36 floats, all easily installed thanks to their built-in slots. These are versatile and can be used in a variety of fishing conditions. Another important aspect of float fishing is the attachment of the float. Unlike a waggler, which is attached at the bottom only, some floats are attached at the top, bottom, and middle via lengths of soft silicone. This allows for more stability and better performance in different water conditions.

Flat floats, especially those used in the UK, gained popularity after England’s World Champs win in Paris in 2001. These disc-shaped floats can take up to 40g of weight, making them ideal for catching eels on the River Seine. Another technique involves using liquidised bread, followed by the flat float with a 6mm ‘butty’ to attract fish. Whether you’re fishing in fresh or saltwater, having the right equipment, like the Wakeman Retractable Landing Net, can make a significant difference. This net features a flat bottom, perfect for holding fish of all sizes.

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Lastly, when it comes to bait, options with an increased level of oil and a slightly softened texture are ideal. These are easy to hair rig or hook and are particularly effective when fishing from a boat or along the shoreline. A float allows for precise casting and helps in keeping track of where the line is.

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