Discover England’s Premier Fishing Destinations for the Ultimate Angling Experience

Discover England

Embark on a journey to uncover England’s top fishing locations and master the art of angling with our comprehensive guide. From serene freshwater lakes to the vast expanses of the sea, England offers a diverse array of fishing spots that cater to all skill levels.

One such gem is Wroxham Broads in Norfolk, a network of man-made waterways and river systems perfect for predator and coarse anglers. Here, anglers can catch a variety of fish including pike, trout, roach, rudd, bream, and eels. Ensure you have a Trout, coarse fish, and eel license, and for tips on fishing in Wroxham Broads, consult Angling Direct.

For over 20 years, we’ve assisted millions of anglers and their families in finding the best fishing escapes in the UK. Recognized by the Sunday Times as the best Angling website, we drive visibility, enquiries, and bookings for fishery and fishing holiday venues, ensuring more anglers enjoy these experiences.

The UK’s fishing landscape is rich and varied. From historic carp fishing lakes like Redmire Pool in Herefordshire, revered by carp anglers, to the nation’s top river stretches, there are 15 must-visit fishing spots for every angler. The Dumfries and Galloway coastline in Scotland, known for its sea angling, is another highlight, especially for lure fishing enthusiasts.

Understanding the legalities of fishing is crucial. A fishing licence can be easily obtained online through the official site. For more information on the correct fishing licence, the Angling Trust’s blog or our detailed guide on fishing licences is a great resource.

Welcome to British Sea Fishing, your guide to shore fishing around the UK. This platform offers advice on techniques, bait, tactics, and fishing marks across the country. It also covers broader issues like commercial fishing, conservation, and sea fish species. Explore more at British Sea Fishing.

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For those new to the sport, angling involves fishing with a rod and line, aiming to catch fish. It includes various styles like float fishing and lure fishing. Coarse fishing, the most common type of angling in the UK, involves fishing in freshwaters and safely returning fish to the water. This type involves around 25 species of coarse fish, including carp, perch, bream, and roach.

For beginners seeking guidance, the GO Outdoors Blog offers a great introduction to fishing. Additionally, the BBC Sport’s guide on Getting into Sport Fishing is an excellent resource for those looking to delve into the sport.

Discover England

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