Innovative Bank Sticks for Anglers: Stability and Versatility on Any Terrain

Innovative Bank Sticks for Anglers

Anglers seeking a versatile and stable rod support system will find the latest innovation in bank sticks particularly appealing. These bank sticks are not just ordinary supports; they offer a unique two-in-one feature. The smaller internal tube can be easily removed and used as a standalone bank stick, providing flexibility for different fishing conditions.

Innovative Bank Sticks for Anglers

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These bank sticks are available in various lengths – 30cm, 45cm, and 60cm – and feature a heavy-duty cam locking system. This ensures they hold firm on any terrain, a crucial aspect for anglers who often face unstable ground conditions. Additionally, a quick-release adaptor is included, allowing for buzzer bars to be rapidly and securely connected.

The attention to detail is evident in the beautifully machined knurled screw that fixes the buzzer bars to the bank stick. Each length in the range is equipped with a Camlock lever adjustment, which is easy to engage and disengage, locking the inner tube securely. This feature is particularly important when fishing in challenging terrains, as it ensures your setup remains stable and secure.

Designed with the angler’s convenience in mind, these bank sticks are a significant enhancement for those who regularly fish with a multi-rod setup. Notably, manufacturers like Solar and Wychwood offer these innovative supports, catering to the needs of on-the-go anglers. They represent a streamlined and efficient way to secure your rods, irrespective of the terrain.

Overall, these bank sticks are a testament to the continuous innovation in fishing tackle, offering both functionality and durability. They are an excellent addition for any angler looking to maintain a stable and versatile fishing setup.

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