Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Floats in Canal Fishing

Fishing Floats

Fishing enthusiasts often turn to experts for guidance on improving their skills. In this regard, Simon Mottram, a renowned canal fishing expert, shares invaluable tips through his video series. A critical aspect of successful fishing is choosing the right equipment, notably floats. Among the top makers are Andy Batchelor, Andrew Field, Colin Whitehouse, Harcork, and Paul Cook, each offering quality floats for different fishing needs.

Fishing Floats

Fishing Floats (ebay ad)

Simon Mottram, affectionately known as Motty, recommends a technique where a large SSG or double SSG shot is pinched on the hook for casting. This approach allows for the angle of the line from rod to float to be accurately taken into account. When targeting mackerel, setting the bait deeper around mid-water with perhaps a 3oz float is advised. Furthermore, for specialized situations like fishing for garfish, a light 1oz or 2oz float with a size 1 or 1/0 hook is ideal, allowing for fishing up to 10 feet deep.

Dino’s commercial fishery range offers an inline dibber style float, perfect for shallow or margin fishing with reduced tangle risk. Drennan Loafer floats are favored for clear water steelhead and trout fishing due to their design. Moreover, long canal floats are recommended for fishing down the track, especially in canals over 6ft deep. Preston edge floats and carp shallow floats are versatile for various techniques, including mugging, deck fishing, and pellet waggler fishing.

Float legering, a method close to many anglers’ hearts, was the first technique learned by many while fishing in their youth. This method is ideal for catching trout, steelhead, and salmon in rivers with depths ranging from 3 to 15 feet. It’s important to note that the use of lead leger bombs was banned by the British government in January 1987 due to concerns over swan lead poisoning.

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GORTINI POLE FLOATS, designed with over 30 years of pole fishing experience, cater to various coarse fishing situations, making them a popular choice for many anglers. Whether you’re a commercial or club water angler, these floats can significantly enhance your fishing experience.

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