Enhancing Your Fishing Experience: The Innovative Luminous 3D Shrimp and Squid Jigs

Luminous 3D Shrimp and Squid Jigs

Luminous 3D Shrimp Prawn Baits and Fluorescent Squid Jigs are revolutionizing freshwater and saltwater fishing. With their high visibility and effectiveness, these lures are essential for any angler’s tackle box. The patented system features a reflective mirror suspended by micro springs, capturing light and UV rays to attract squid. This approach is especially effective for squid jigging, a popular activity enjoyed at all times of the day, using UV to glow squid jigs.
Luminous 3D Shrimp and Squid Jigs

Squid Jigs (ebay ad)

The Yo-Zuri ultra bait squid jig, with its realistic 3D scan of a real squid and red feather pectoral fins, stands out with its glow-in-the-dark technology. Similarly, the EGI Master Squid Jigs from Berkley, designed in Japan, offer hot coat designs for enhanced attraction. These jigs are fitted with owner needle point hooks, ensuring higher chances of success.

For DIY enthusiasts, creating your squid jig is straightforward. Start by making a loop in a 6″ wire using a wire bending tool, then twist the wire around the stem, trimming any excess. This method is effective both from the rocks and while drifting in a boat.

Finally, the Southern Squid Jig Fishery (SSJF) encompasses a vast area, indicating the widespread popularity and effectiveness of squid jigging. Whether you are fishing off the coast of Queensland or near the South Australian/Western Australian border, these lures are indispensable for a successful fishing trip.

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