How Does Jon Arthur Approach Margins in Match Fishing?

Jon Arthur Fishing Videos

Discover the latest angling strategies and tips with Jon Arthur through his action-packed videos. From his corner of the web, Jon Arthur shares his insights and tactics, especially in his FREE 27-minute live match at Tunnel Barn Farm and the 2-hour EPIC from venues like Larford Lakes. His 2023 video features Callum Dicks returning to Woodland View for an evening session down the margins, discussing the critical choice of fishing area along with the right rigs and baits.

September 2023 saw him posting about his RiverFest Final Day 1 experience, humorously nicknamed the ‘rubber Jonnys’ peg, where he managed to get the roach active in the last hour. Packed with information, Jon Arthur’s content covers various aspects of angling, such as bream and roach fishing on the River Thames.

Videos like “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PASTE FISHING!” and “THE METHOD YOU NEED TO BE USING!” reveal Jon Arthur’s top summer tactics. Moreover, his 11 Minute Challenge showcases big roach fishing with casters on the canal.

On 27th June 2021, Jon Arthur shared his experience with shallow fishing for BIG F1s at Packington Fishery on his YouTube Channel, capturing some massive F1s shallow on casters. For YouTube Channel Members, he has an exclusive video session using casters and chopped worm for carp and F1s, including close-up footage from Packington Fishery and Tunnel Barn Farm dated 16th May 2022.

The Commercial Masters Match Fishing Live videos offer online fishing coaching developed by Paul Holland & Andy Bennett, including a range of informative content.

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Paul Kozyra’s demonstration of the 18ft match rod on the River Aire at Beal in Yorkshire is featured in the informative videos by Cadence Fishing. Here, one can also find British Made Coarse Match Fishing Luggage and other angling equipment reviews.

For those interested in a deep dive into tactics for F1-dominated venues, Jon Arthur’s Channel Members section presents “Tunnel Barn Tactics,” offering a comprehensive look at bait, rigs, and strategies.

Explore more from Jon Arthur’s diverse range of fishing content at Jon Arthur’s Video Page, Latest Maver Videos, Jon Arthur’s official website, Videos Featuring Jon Arthur, Matrix Champs, Packington Fishery, and his Members Only Videos.

Jon Arthur Fishing Videos

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