Explore the Extensive Range of Fishing Tackle at PROTACKLESHOP

Explore the Extensive Range of Fishing Tackle at PROTACKLESHOP

Protackleshop offers a vast selection of fishing tackle for anglers, boasting over 50,000 products tailored to various fishing methods. Their expansive inventory includes a wide array of hard lures, soft baits, fishing rods, reels, and much more, catering to the needs of fishing enthusiasts.

One of the highlights of Protackleshop is their collection of Fishing Reels. This includes top brands like Shimano, Daiwa, Okuma, Mivardi, Ryobi, Dragon, Jaxon, and Spro, offering anglers the opportunity to choose the best reel for their specific fishing style, particularly for float rods. The Penn Reels Spinfisher VI Long Cast Spinning, priced from £142.45, is a notable option, featuring IPX5 sealing for durability and performance.

Fishing rods are another key product category, with a range that includes the Flagman Rods Sherman Pro Feeder New Generation starting at £103.96 and the Jackson Ocean Gate Aji models beginning at £106.79. The Jackson Rods Rock Tribe RTS-808XH, priced from £164.15, is a new style proposed by Jackson for “Technical Rockfishing.”

For lure fishing enthusiasts, Spinning Rods are available in a variety of models, including the Savage Gear Revenge SG6 Pelagic Casting Rod and the SG6 Vertical Casting Rod, specifically designed for pelagic casting on monster zanders, with prices starting at £153.02.

Carp anglers will find a huge collection of Carp Rods, featuring top brands like Mivardi, Prologic, Shimano, Fox, Daiwa, DAM, and more, ensuring a great selection and competitive prices.

Additionally, Protackleshop offers the new 2023 Guideline HD Wading Boot, starting at £74.99, and the Guideline NT11 Salmon & Seatrout Double Hand fly rods, beginning at £269.99, showcasing their commitment to providing high-quality, versatile fishing equipment.

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Explore the Extensive Range of Fishing Tackle at PROTACKLESHOP

In summary, Protackleshop presents a comprehensive range of fishing tackle, including fly fishing equipment, saltwater fishing spinning reels, and various other gear for sea fishing and casting, making it a one-stop shop for anglers seeking quality and variety.

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