How Can Specialized Fishing Lights Enhance Your Night Fishing Experience?

Fishing Light

Choosing the right light color for fishing is crucial, and our range offers three options: blue, green, and white. Each product in our fishing tackle range is hand-selected and tested for both durability and quality. Safety is a priority with our strip lights, making activities like boating or kayaking safer.

Fishing Light

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Our collection includes various sea fishing lights like superb headlights, lanterns, and rod tip lights. The Wire Green Night Fishing Finder is a notable product, being an IP68 submersible boat lamp perfect for attracting fish like snook, crappie, squid, and shrimp. Its waterproof design prevents fogging or water ingress. Incorporating artificial lights can significantly improve your chances of attracting fish at night. The lights are versatile, usable as floating lights or submersible up to 2000ft. The Sansi 70W light, emitting 7000 lumens and covering a 120-degree area, is ideal for bowfishing in the dark. Even in its mini size, it’s visible up to 30 yards out.

OriGlam’s Luminous Fishing Rigs, featuring real fish skin and glow beads, are perfect for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Traditional floating models, with a Styrofoam ring and a white light, were among the first specialty lights used for night fishing. Our collection extends beyond lights, encompassing everything from rods and tackle to waders and torches, all available at GO Outdoors.

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