The Benefits and Uses of Live and Dried Mealworms for Animal Feeding

Mealworms for Animal Feeding

Feeding live mealworms to birds offers several advantages over dried worms, as it eliminates the need for rehydration and allows direct feeding from the tub. These mealworms are not only suitable for composting, but they also contain high levels of calcium, which is beneficial for stronger bones and eggs in birds. Mealworms, measuring 18-26mm, are a prime choice for the reptile, fish, and bird market due to their high protein and fat content. They are particularly favored by garden birds like robins and blackbirds.

It’s important to provide a source of natural stones or Manna Pro Grit with ProBiotics when feeding coarse grains to birds. Our mealworms, suitable for omnivores, remain in perfect condition for 30-45 days when refrigerated between 42 and 50 degrees. They enter a dormant state in this temperature range. These worms are also enriched with nutritious oils, essential for maintaining energy levels in wild birds.

Mealworms are versatile, used for feeding wild birds, large fish, mammals, reptiles, and tortoises. As fishing bait, mealworms have become increasingly popular, alongside pellets, boilies, and groundbaits. Our Mealworm Breeder Kit allows you to breed live feeder worms for a variety of animals, including hedgehogs, sugar gliders, reptiles, wild birds, chickens, lizards, bearded dragons, skunks, opossums, fish, turtles, tortoises, and geckos.

Adding mealworms to dried bird food enhances its appeal, making it a more attractive offering around your feeder. A simple feeding guide is to add them to your hen feeder or sprinkle them around for chickens to peck at naturally. Our worm farm products are of high quality, essential for maintaining a healthy and productive environment.

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Bulk Dried Mealworms are a nutritious, high-protein option for feeding laying hens, wild birds, ducks, reptiles, fish, hedgehogs, and turtles. Red wiggler worms, known for their heat tolerance, are effective as worm bait for smaller fish. They are a high energy source, full of insectivorous proteins, beneficial for birds. Chubby Dried Mealworms, 100% natural, are packed with protein, vitamins, and high-grade edible oils. Calci Worms, with 20 to 40 times more calcium than dried mealworms, contribute significantly to stronger bones and eggs in birds.

Mealworms for Animal Feeding

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