Essential Carp Fishing Luggage and Rod Protection Solutions

Carp Fishing Luggage

Our carp fishing luggage, with its multiple compartments, waterproof materials, and adjustable straps, is an ideal choice for carp anglers. It includes Aluminium Fishing Rod Tubes, Rod Carriers, and Rod Protection Float Tube Holders, all designed for durability and convenience. These tubes are available in various diameters and finishes, including black texture and raw aluminum, accommodating most 2- to 5-piece rods.

Fishing Rod Tubes and Luggage (ebay ad)

For more organized, protected, and accessible tackle, our range extends from large holdalls to compact tackle bags. However, please note that we do not ship to Scotland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, or any offshore islands.

Carp Fishing Luggage

The Flambeau Bazuka Rod Case, a virtually indestructible storage system, is available in two sizes to offer superior protection. A useful DIY option is detailed in a how-to video, showing the creation of a deluxe rod tube case, suitable for various rods. This tube can accommodate up to six rods, each between 6 and 6.5 feet in length.

Additionally, the Leeda Rod Tube, made from heavy-duty non-crush material, provides excellent protection during transportation. Each tube features a lockable double zip, carry-on handle, adjustable shoulder strap, address card pocket, and protective end caps. For more robust protection, MAP’s tough pole tubes are ideal for safeguarding rods, pole top kits, and umbrellas. Remember to wrap each piece in bubble wrap, especially the rod tips, for extra safety.

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