How to Build Your Own RC Hovercraft: A DIY Guide

RC Hovercraft Image

Our bi-monthly newsletter showcases the diverse world of hovercraft events across the USA. Enthusiasts and members can find parts for various models like the Acme Nitro 1/10 On Road Car, Himoto Nitro 1/10 Buggy, and Himoto Nitro 1/10 Monster Truck, among others. These components are crucial for hovercraft maintenance and customization.

RC Hovercraft Image

RC Hovercraft Parts (ebay ad)

For those interested in DIY projects, building an RC hovercraft is a rewarding challenge. A well-designed hovercraft can glide effortlessly over various surfaces, including water, ice, and grass. Our guide demonstrates how to create a functional and easy-to-assemble hovercraft without the need for glue. Two examples are showcased in our videos: one featuring a skirt for an RC hovercraft and another for the homemade Rusalka hovercraft.

In addition to DIY guides, our newsletter also highlights the RNLI inshore rescue hovercraft, demonstrating its vital role in reaching areas inaccessible to conventional lifeboats. For RC enthusiasts, we feature the GH-2 hovercraft, known for its impressive speeds over land, water, ice, and snow. Additionally, we explore the world of large commercial hovercraft like the N4 Mountbatten class and N6 Winchester class, which have served as fast cross-channel ferries.

The joy of operating an RC Hovercraft lies in its incredible maneuverability and ease of control. For those looking to further their hobby, the Griffon 600 model by Palaform Limited presents an excellent opportunity. As with any project, future improvements include enhancing the structural strength and connections. To inspire and guide, we share a video on how to make a 3D printed RC Hovercraft with twin brushless motors.

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