Enhance Your Fishing Experience with Innovative Seatbox Accessories

Fishing Seatbox Accessory

The importance of having a reliable and practical fishing setup is undeniable for any angler. A light, strong tray, just the right size for all your bait bits and bobs, is not only great value but also a perfect fit for any carry-all. It’s the ideal accessory for the organised angler, as this side tray can comfortably hold your tackle, bait, and drink.

Fishing Seatbox Accessories (ebay ad)

Today’s modern chairs often feature adjustable legs for stability on uneven ground and allow the addition of accessories like side trays and rod rests. The Stormshield side tray, known for its popular OffBox Clamping Knuckles, is incredibly stable and doesn’t require a support leg. Enhancing your seatbox with items such as bait trays, side trays, feeder arms, pole rests, kit roosts, brolly arms, footplates, backrests, hand wheels, or locking nuts can significantly improve your setup for a day of coarse or match angling. This feeder tray is compatible with almost all seat boxes and boasts double support knuckles for added stability.

Fishing Seatbox Accessory

The Preston Innovations OffBox 36 Side Trays are perfect for keeping several bait tubs and tackle items within easy reach. For anglers seeking a practical and quality space solution, the Nufish side trays are a popular choice. Additionally, the OriGlam Fishing Lure Box offers a double-sided tackle storage solution with 14 compartments, ensuring waterproof and organized storage for your lures, baits, and hooks.

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