Exploring the Versatility of Modern Rod Pods in Carp Fishing

Exploring the Versatility of Modern Rod Pods in Carp Fishing

Whether you’re fishing in the iconic Redmire Pool, the expansive Burghfield Lake, the mysterious Raduta, or the scenic Lake Bled, the Worldwide Pod is designed to adapt seamlessly to any lake and angling situation. Its Quick Release (QR) system enables easy interchange of alarms on your pod to single sticks or a standard buzz bar setup.

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Exploring the Versatility of Modern Rod Pods in Carp Fishing

The Avon Quiver, known for its distinctive white tip, forgiving action, and versatility, carries the legacy of John’s renowned design. The goal post style buzz bars and banksticks, integral to the design, offer flexibility even on softer ground. The new Solar A1 Aluminium Ground Rod Pod enhances the popular aluminium range with its low-profile, ultra-stable design.

Significant improvements are evident in the X-Pod Plus with Goal Post Buzz Bars, building upon the original rod pod’s success. It features enhanced sensitivity and programmable settings for temperature and EMF detection. Our brand’s ethos is to provide premium fishing tackle and outdoor products suitable for a variety of scenarios, ranging from sea fishing (surfcasting, shore fishing, and trolling) to freshwater fishing (feeder, still, and match fishing), predatory fishing (using soft lure, plug bait, or spinner), and carp fishing.

Masterline’s collaboration with John Wilson led to the creation of the ‘Avon Quiver,’ the best-selling rod ever, showcasing John’s profound angling knowledge. The JRC Cocoon Rod Pod exemplifies stability, making no swim inaccessible for your full rod setup. Rod pods, often underappreciated, provide the essential support and stability every angler needs, whether a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

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