Where Can I Find Premium Fishing Tackle & Bait Shops in the UK?

Fishing Tackle and Bait Shops

Discover the top destinations for fishing enthusiasts in the UK with our comprehensive guide to the best fishing tackle and bait shops. Whether you’re in search of premium fishing gear, live bait, or expert advice, these stores have got you covered.

Angling Direct stands out as the UK’s No.1 choice for premium fishing tackle and gear, boasting the largest selection of fishing rods, reels, and equipment. Dive into their extensive range, featuring world-renowned brands catering to all fishing types, including Carp, Coarse, Match, Fly, Sea, Predator, and Specialist fishing. Visit their website or find the nearest store using their convenient store locator, and take the first step towards an unbeatable fishing experience. Check out their reviews to learn why they’re rated so highly among anglers.

Fishing Republic, established in 1985 by Steve Gross, has grown to become a leading UK fishing retailer. They are dedicated to keeping angling accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages. With a strong presence in the angling community, they offer quality fishing tackle, expert knowledge, and excellent customer service. To explore their products and services, visit their website.

For those who prefer live bait, Willy Worms is your go-to online retailer. They provide a wide variety of live bait, fishing tackle, and terminal tackle at competitive prices. From groundbaits, pellets, liquids, particles, pastes, dyes, boilies, to dead bait and shrimps, they have everything you need for a successful fishing trip. Check out their selection and shop now by visiting Willy Worms.

Outlaw Pro Fishing Megastore is another excellent choice for all your fishing needs. They offer a vast array of products from top angling brands, including their own range of terminal tackle, clothing, and bait. Whether you choose to shop online or visit their megastores in Essex and Kent, Outlaw Pro ensures quality and trust. Learn more about their offerings at Outlaw Pro.

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GO Outdoors provides a fantastic selection of fishing tackle, gear, and equipment both in-store and online. With free delivery on orders over £80, they make shopping for your angling adventures easy and affordable. Discover their range of products by visiting GO Outdoors.

Angling Direct is also your top choice for sea fishing tackle, offering a comprehensive selection of rods, reels, lures, rigs, and more. While they do not sell live sea fishing bait online, they offer a variety of artificial sea fishing baits and lures. To explore their sea fishing tackle selection, visit Angling Direct.

When it comes to top fishing bait, Angling Direct has you covered with a vast selection of boilies, groundbait, pellets, and wafters from big bait brands like Nash, Dynamite Baits, Sonubaits, CC Moore, Sticky Baits, and Mainline Baits. While live bait such as maggots and worms is not available online, you can make your purchases for fishing tackle and bait in their AD stores. Find a fishing bait shop near you by visiting their website.

Fishing Tackle and Bait Shops

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