Where Are the Best Carp Fishing Holiday Spots in the UK?

Where Are the Best Carp Fishing Holiday Spots in the UK?

Carp fishing holidays in the UK offer a blend of excitement and relaxation for anglers looking for their next big catch. Among the top-rated venues is Chester Lakes, renowned not only for its match fishing opportunities but also for its excellent carp fishing experiences. This venue stands out for its first-class accommodations and facilities, making it a prominent mention whenever discussing carp fishing holidays in the UK. Discover more about what they offer on their website.

For those venturing into Wales, Cefn Mably Lakes near Cardiff presents five specimen carp lakes, promising exceptional fishing from lakeside log pods. To elevate your experience, luxury lodges with hot tubs are available, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of indulgence while angling. You can inquire further by contacting them directly at 01633 681101.

Elphicks Fisheries adds to the list with seven waters to fish in, where North Lake shines as a specimen carp water allowing a maximum of 10 anglers at a time, targeting carp up to 50lb+. This adult-only day ticket venue is situated east of Royal Tunbridge Wells and offers a serene fishing escape.

In the Midlands, a carp fishery established in 1980 with four lakes awaits at a secluded spot just off the A428 between Crick and West Haddon in Northamptonshire. Big carp fishing is the mainstay here, with specimens up to 40lb reported as of May 2017. Membership options and short stay holiday fishing are available.

York Lakeside Lodges present another prime location for a carp fishing holiday in the UK, nestled around a 10-acre lake. These luxury self-catering lodges cater to a range of group sizes and come equipped with hot tubs. The pet-friendly policy makes it a family-friendly fishing venue.

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Turning to the southeast of England, Cottington Lakes Fishery stands out as a prestigious carp fishing destination in Kent, often referred to as ‘England’s garden’. It’s an exemplar of exclusive carp fishing lakes in the UK.

Carpworld™ simplifies the process of finding the best fishing lakes with its extensive directory featuring over 2k lake listings in the UK and internationally. It’s the modern approach to locating your next fishing spot.

TackleMart highlights the 15 best UK carp fishing holidays in their complete 2023 guide, offering insights into some of the most sought-after fishing holidays.

To explore more venues and get the latest updates, visit the Carp n Bait, Angling Times, Angling Direct, The Carp Hideout, and TackleScout websites.

Where Are the Best Carp Fishing Holiday Spots in the UK?

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