What Makes Shimano Baitrunner and Greys GTS 800 Among the Best Fly Fishing Reels?

Greys GTS 800 Reel

The Greys GTS 800 is recognized as one of the top choices in fly fishing reels, offering three different models in its range. This reel is known for its robust body, which encases a smooth rotor for effortless casting. However, it loses a star due to its non-standard ball bearings and the anti-reverse bearing used. Additionally, the Power Roller feature is designed to prevent line twisting, enhancing the angler’s experience.

Greys GTS 800 Reel

Shimano Baitrunner 12000D (ebay ad)

For carp and specimen anglers, Daiwa’s reputation for producing top-quality carp fishing reels is well-earned. The Shimano Baitrunner DL, with its stealthy gunmetal grey body, stands out in the DL family of reels. It boasts an XT-7 body and rotor, ‘SR’ one-piece bail, cold-forged aluminium spool and gear, waterproof drag, shielded AR-B maintenance port, and a single biomechanical handle.

Shimano leads the industry in carp reels and was the pioneer in creating the baitrunner reel, revolutionizing carp fishing. The baitrunner, now a staple in the fishing world, has evolved significantly over three decades, inspiring many imitators. For those new to carp fishing or working with a limited budget, the Shimano Baitrunner ST-RB offers reliable Baitrunner technology. These reels, designed as powerful workhorses, are capable of handling the biggest waters and toughest fish, featuring the Baitrunner mechanism for easy freespool control.

Lastly, the Shimano Baitrunner 12000D is noteworthy for its large size, making it a somewhat mismatch when paired with a float rod. These reels come in various sizes, typically indicated by a four-digit number, with small reels ranging from 1000 to 3500, medium from 4000 to 5500, and large reels exceeding 6000.

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