What Is the Best Color Light for Night Fishing and How Does It Attract Fish?

Green Underwater Fishing Light

For avid anglers exploring the depths of night fishing, understanding the role of light color in attracting fish is crucial. Among various color options available, such as blue, green, and yellow, the most effective color for night fishing is true green, with a wavelength of approximately 520 nm. This specific light triggers a food chain reaction, drawing phytoplankton, baitfish, and eventually larger predator fish closer.

Underwater Fishing Lights Green (ebay ad)

Green Underwater Fishing Light

Marine Pontoon LED Lights are a popular choice for their waterproof and durable design, suitable for various fishing settings like pontoons, bass fishing, yachts, and kayaks. A notable example is the battery-powered underwater fishing light with a watertight 360-degree COB design emitting green light. For optimal results, mounting a minimum of two Swamp Eye lights on the front and sides of the boat is recommended. Jerry’s LED, a premier manufacturer in Texas, offers high-quality LED lights tailored for fishing and gigging. These lights not only serve the purpose of fishing but are also effective for wild fish and night fishing.

Furthermore, various types of lights like headlamps, rod tip lights, and floating or submersible lights enhance the night fishing experience. Headlamps, such as the BORUiT LED Head Torch, offer hands-free convenience, while rod tip lights serve as visible bite indicators. In addition, the use of fishing light sticks and LED torches like the Glove Flashlight adds to the efficiency and enjoyment of night fishing.

It’s important to note that while green light is particularly effective for crappie fishing, other colors like white and blue also have their unique advantages. Deep Sea LED underwater fishing lights, for example, offer options in white or green, with varying cable lengths for different depths.

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Lastly, while fishing with lights is generally legal in most states, it is essential to check local regulations and ensure you have the appropriate fishing license.

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