Understanding Different Types of Fishing Floats and Their Uses

Dumpy Dead Bait Pike Floats

Dumpy Dead Bait Pike Floats offer a versatile fishing experience, as they can be used either fixed or as a slider. These floats are attached at the bottom via an eyed insert, providing a durable option compared to other fragile floats, especially at their base. Unlike stationary bait fishing, using a float allows for covering more ground. Made from sturdy balsa, these floats feature a bendable fibre stem, ensuring resilience. They come in 30g and 40g sizes, with each float having a small ball above the main float for better visibility at long distances.

Dumpy Dead Bait Pike Floats

Dead Bait Pike Floats (ebay ad)

Alwonder offers a 4-piece set of Fly Fishing Bombarda Floats, suitable for various fishing styles like carp and coarse fishing. These inline surface floats come in different types, including low visibility sinking, slowly sinking, and floating, ranging from 5g to 50g. Another effective fishing technique is the lift method, which requires a light long waggler float, float stops, split shot, a micro swivel, and a hook. This method is particularly suitable for larger bodies of water, where larger float sizes are advantageous.

For night fishing, the QualyQualy 5 Pcs EVA Foam Floats are ideal. These fishing bobbers are designed to glow in the dark, accompanied by 10 glow sticks. They are perfect for pike, perch, carp, and bass fishing. The versatility of these floats allows for fishing at various depths, adjusted by a Preston Micro Float Stop. This method keeps the bait suspended in mid-water, requiring constant attention to the float for any signs of a bite. The film on waggler fishing on a lake offers insights into this technique, particularly useful when targeting fish like roach and dace in slow-flowing waters.

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