The Ultimate Guide to Carp Fishing Tackle Shops

Introduction to Carp Fishing Tackle

Carp fishing is a celebrated angling activity, especially in the UK. Anglers are constantly on the lookout for the best tackle and accessories to enhance their fishing experience. This guide introduces you to some of the top carp fishing tackle shops in the UK.

Tackleuk: A Leading Carp Fishing Store

Tackleuk has more than 25 years of experience in carp fishing. They offer a comprehensive range of the latest carp fishing tackle, from rods and reels to bivvies and bedchairs. Their long-standing presence in the industry means they provide only the best products from renowned brands.

Johnson Ross Tackle: Specialising in Carp Fishing Gear

Johnson Ross Tackle is the UK’s No.1 online shop for carp fishing tackle. Located at 3-9 Amwell Street Hoddesdon Herts EN11 8TP, they specialise in all types of carp fishing tackle, equipment, and accessories, ensuring anglers get top-quality products.

Angling Direct: High-Quality Carp Fishing Equipment

For those who want a vast selection of high-quality carp fishing gear, Angling Direct is a prime choice. Their online store offers everything from carp rods and reels to landing nets and bait boats.

Nash Tackle: A Trusted Name in Carp Fishing

With a carp angling history dating back to 1967, Nash Tackle has been an innovator in the fishing scene. They have helped countless anglers achieve iconic fish captures worldwide.

Poingdestres: The Leading UK Supplier

Poingdestres, the UK’s leading supplier, offers a broad spectrum of Carp Fishing Tackle, Coarse, Match, and Sea Fishing tackle from top brands like Fox, Nash, and Shimano.

Fishing Republic: All Your Carp Angling Essentials

Fishing Republic stocks a comprehensive range of tackle and accessories. From shelters to lines, they ensure that every angler is prepared for a day by the water.

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The Tackle Box: Unique and Efficient Gear

The Tackle Box is known for its vast array of tackle from industry-leading brands. They also seek out innovative products outside of the usual fishing tackle industry.

Todber Manor: Comprehensive Carp Fishing Solutions

Carp fishing is more than just a pastime at Todber Manor. They stock a wide range of carp fishing tackle, ensuring every angler’s needs are met, making the fishing experience more rewarding.


Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, the UK boasts several carp fishing tackle shops that cater to every need. Ensure to check out the aforementioned shops for top-notch equipment and a memorable fishing experience.

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