Maximizing Your Squid Fishing Experience: Techniques, Lures, and Prime Times

Squid Fishing Techniques

Fishing enthusiasts often seek the thrill and challenge of catching squid, and there are various methods and lures that can enhance this experience. One effective way to fish with Yamashita jigs is by dropping them to the ocean floor from a stationary boat and lifting the weight just above the bottom to avoid snags. This technique positions the jigs perfectly to attract squid. Alternatively, squid can be caught by casting out and slowly jigging the rod up and down, allowing the lure to sink to the bottom. These jigs, equipped with prongs instead of hooks, are designed to ensnare the tentacles of the squid as they strike the lure.

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When it comes to lure categories, there is a wide range of options including squid jigs, spoons, vertical jigs, and more. Brands such as Autain, Berkley, Black Magic, and Daiwa offer high-quality lures for this specific purpose. The Nomad Design Squidtrex, for instance, is a squid-shaped lure that can be vertically jigged or cast and retrieved. Its realistic body and strong, soft tentacles provide excellent action, mimicking a live squid.

Timing is crucial in squid fishing. The best times to target them are during sunrise and sunset, when they are most actively hunting. Squid jigging often occurs at night, using bright overhead lights to attract the squid. The technique varies slightly between pier and boat or kayak fishing. From a pier, cast your jigs and let them sink to the ocean bottom. From a boat or kayak, lower the jigs to the bottom and reel in just enough to stay off the bottom, then perform quick rod flicks to mimic prey movements.

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Squid Fishing Techniques

For those who prefer ready-to-use lures, the OROOTL Luminous Fishing Lures and Squid Jig Hooks offer a great option. These hard fishing shrimp lures, designed to resemble prawns, glow in the dark and are effective for catching octopus and cuttlefish as well. Their built-in rattle, strong flashing, and UV details make them irresistible to squid.

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