Maximizing Fishing Precision: The Impact of Korda Mini Isotopes and Cygnet Distance Sticks

Korda Mini Fishing Isotopes are specially designed to enhance your fishing experience. These mini isotopes fit perfectly into the top of the Korda Distance Sticks, as well as Korda’s new Black and White Bobbins. Their design is specifically tailored for precision and ease of use.

Korda Mini Isotopes & Cygnet Distance Sticks (ebay ad)

When installing coving, start on the longest wall to plan how it will go around the room, including where the mitre joints will be, whether internal or external. The Korda Distance Sticks feature meters measuring cord markers highlighted in four high visibility colours. They also have high visibility acrylic tips with an isotope slot.

Cygnet Distance Sticks simplify the process of accurately hitting your chosen spot every time. They are an essential tool for measuring the distance to your spot, allowing for consistent placement of bait and rigs. Similarly, Korda‚Äôs Basix Distance Sticks are designed for easy and accurate ‘clip-up’ at the required distance, enabling repeated casting to the same spot.

Tackleuk (2002) Ltd, an authorized and regulated entity by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA 815735), acts as a credit intermediary and not a lender, offering credit products from a limited number of finance providers, including Klarna Bank AB (publ). This commitment to quality is evident in Korda’s approach to product development, focusing on creating the best possible products rather than just emulating existing ones.

Whether it’s day or night, achieve maximum accuracy and get the rig back onto the spot perfectly every time with the 24/7 Distance feature. The complete set includes a 3m (10ft) cord for accurate setup, with two colour coded toggle stops to mark different distances using the same set of sticks. This eliminates the need for re-markering or casting around; simply place your sticks in the ground, wind out the required amount of line, clip-up, and re-cast.

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