Mastering the Use of Swivels and Snap Links in Fishing: Enhance Your Angling Experience

Fishing Swivels and Snap Links

Thread a Korum Feedabead or snap link swivel onto your mainline, followed by a small bead. It’s crucial to use a strong swivel to avoid breakage when retrieving active fish. Swivels and snap links, also known as snap swivels, are essential in connecting your line to baits, lures, and leaders, helping to reduce line twist.

Fishing Swivels and Snap Links

Fishing Swivels Snap Links (ebay ad)

While snap swivels are time-saving, their size and appearance may deter fish. For a more subtle approach, consider using smaller, less intrusive connectors. Remember, the goal is to present your bait naturally, especially when using live bait. Selecting the right swivel, like a barrel swivel, can enhance this presentation.

Fishing chairs have transformed the angling experience, offering comfort during long sessions. Swivels not only reduce line twist but also provide a robust method for connecting different rig components. Tying a stop knot with a small piece of mainline or thicker fishing line is recommended for best results.

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