How Does the Advanced Yo-Zuri Ultra Bait Squid Jig Enhance Squid Fishing?

The Yo-Zuri ultra bait squid Jig stands out in the world of fishing lures with its unique features, such as red feather pectoral fins and glow-in-the-dark technology. Unlike traditional lures that use hooks, these squid jigs have rows of barbs, making them highly effective for catching squid. The Shamalo jig, designed for the Japanese squid fishing technique ‘Tataki,’ is especially notable. This method involves fishing the lure above a sinker and jigging it in a manner similar to feathers and sabikis.

Yo-Zuri Ultra Bait Squid Jig (ebay ad)

The jig’s patented system includes a reflective mirror suspended by micro springs, which utilizes light and UV rays to attract squid. This technique has been effective in capturing the chokka squid, as documented in studies like Roberts and Sauer (1994) and Schön et al. Furthermore, the jig’s design is unique, featuring numerous innovations that make it the most effective on the market. Simply attaching bait like pilchard, herring, or yellowtail to the jig and casting it out can yield successful catches.

Additional noteworthy products include the Savage Gear Sand Eel Jig Heads, HTO Hot Coat Squid Jig, and the Little Jack Onliest, each with unique features such as semi-transparent bodies or reflective interiors. These jigs are highly effective in squid fishing, which is a popular activity in Australia. The techniques used, such as using sinkers with jigs and various methods of jigging, are well-suited for both novice and experienced anglers.

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