Exploring the World of Squid Jigging: Techniques, Gear, and Best Practices

Squid Jigging Techniques

Squid generally start feeding just after dark, leading to an increase in squid jigging activities. The most common squid jig features a keel-shaped chin weight, promoting a steady 45-degree descent. This form of fishing has gained popularity, particularly due to influences from the Japanese squid tournament scene.

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Squid Jigging Techniques

Modern squid jigging vessels are equipped with essential accessories: a jigging machine, sea anchor, and an array of lights. Squid jigs have evolved, featuring highly attractive colors and fitted with owner needle point hooks. A notable addition to the range is Shimano’s Sephia Clinch Rattle and FlashBoost.

Squid jigs typically have a two-layer construction, with different colored underbodies and outer cloth layers. They often include translucent bodies with LED lights to attract squid. Techniques and lures vary, with products like the Yo-Zuri Aurora Floating Squid Jig being recommended for beginners. Squid jigging often occurs at night, using lights to attract the squid.

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