Exploring the World of Float Fishing: Rods, Techniques, and Equipment

Float Fishing Tackle

For those passionate about float fishing, the right rod is crucial for that magical experience of poise, touch, and instant contact with the fish. Angling Direct caters to anglers of all skill levels, from beginners to enthusiasts, with a diverse range of match fishing tackle.

Float Fishing Tackle

Float Fishing Rods (ebay ad)

Bolognese fishing or the Bolo system, a technique combining a specialized long rod with a large pole float, is one of the many methods available. Similarly, the Float-n-Fly technique, ideal for small hair jigs, represents the pinnacle of finesse presentations. The choice of material for rod handles is crucial, with EVA foam or ethylene-vinyl acetate foam being a popular choice for its manufacturing.

Whether it’s Daiwa Ninja Match Waggler Rods or custom designs from Drake, the range of rods available caters to various float methods. Bodied wagglers, larger and requiring more shot for stable, long-distance casting, are a noteworthy mention. Regardless of whether fishing rods float, protecting them is essential. Streamlined float designs offer enhanced control over bait, being less affected by currents.

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