Exploring the Versatility and Quality of Invopak’s Wholesale Plastic Buckets

Invopak Plastic Bucket

Invopak is a prominent name in the UK as a leading supplier of wholesale plastic buckets. Catering to a diverse range of needs, whether you require a single bucket or a bulk order of 1000, their flexible pricing ensures the best value for money. Their product SKU, BUCKSAI5LW-LIDSAI5LW, spans across various categories like Agricultural, Automotive, Chemical, and Construction Packaging.

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Invopak’s selection includes food-grade buckets, UN-approved buckets, and standard plastic buckets with handles, ranging in sizes from 1 litre to 32 litres. All buckets come with lids and are tamper-evident, offering reassurance for end-users. One of their standout products is a strong, flexible plastic tub, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, perfect for tasks like mixing plaster or carrying rubble and waste.

Invopak Plastic Bucket

The Draper Contractors Black Plastic Bucket is another notable item, known for its quality polyethylene construction and metal carry handle. These buckets are versatile, serving various needs from ice storage in bulk plastic ice buckets with handles to 5-litre buckets for fishing baits, gardening products, or industrial materials.

Invopak’s range includes buckets made from specific types of plastics, especially those suitable for food-grade containers. They offer a comprehensive selection of durable and safe plastic buckets with lids in various sizes. Production of these buckets often involves semi-automatic extrusion blow molding machines, ensuring high-quality output.

Additionally, Invopak supplies a vast array of wholesale plastic containers from Europe’s leading packaging specialists. These containers are robust, made from food-grade polypropylene (PP), stackable, and designed to protect products from contamination. The range also includes specialized items like the Gallon Pedal Trash Can, the Household Heavy Duty Bucket with a spout, and multipurpose 5-litre tie-dye design buckets, catering to a variety of needs.

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