Explore the Latest Sonik Fishing Rods for 2022

Explore the Latest Sonik Fishing Rods for 2022

Sonik Fishing Rods have carved a niche in the angling market with their innovative design and exceptional quality. Established in 2008, Sonik Sports quickly became one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of carp rods, expanding their range every season. Their dedication to exceeding angler expectations at great value is evident in their products.

The new Sonik Gravity-XT Carp Rod, for instance, boasts a multi-directional nanofibre tip section that ensures sensitivity, paired with an ultra-light modulus carbon blank reinforced with a lite ply 1k armoured carbon weave. This combination promises power and performance for any carp fishing scenario.

In the dynamic world of sea fishing, Sonik Sports is making waves with its commitment to growth and quality. The company is on the brink of releasing nine new beach fishing rods in 2022, each crafted to meet the needs of modern anglers. Whether you’re a seasoned fisher or just starting out, Sonik’s versatile Angl-R Barbel Fishing Rods offer a perfect blend of sensitivity and power.

Their comprehensive mix of rods, reels, lines, luggage, and nets ensures that anglers have everything they need for a successful day of fishing. Behind Sonik is a team of passionate anglers, whose expertise is reflected in the creative and affordable tackle they produce.

For those keen to explore Sonik’s offerings, Angling Direct is a one-stop shop for all Sonik rods, reels, bivvys, and more, with free UK delivery on orders over £30. Similarly, Fishing Republic stocks an extensive range of Sonik fishing gear.

Explore the Latest Sonik Fishing Rods for 2022

For more information or to purchase, visit Angling Direct, Fishing Republic, Angling Direct for Sea Fishing, or SeaAngler for a preview of the new rods. For the Angl-R Barbel series, check Angling Direct’s Barbel Rods and for a comprehensive selection of Sonik fishing tackle, visit Tackle Up.

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