Expert Insights on Pole Fishing: Techniques, Gear, and Tips for 2023

Expert Insights on Pole Fishing

Pole fishing, an increasingly popular method, especially in commercial fisheries, involves using a long, flexible pole, often made of carbon fiber or fiberglass, extending up to 16 feet. This guide, enhanced with insights from top match angler Steve Ringer, provides essential tips for improving your pole fishing skills.

The key to successful pole fishing lies in precise bait presentation, ensuring your fish remains hooked, and making smart choices in float selection and line preparation. Adding appropriate weights and using the right terminal tackle and tools for rig construction are also vital components.

Understanding the importance of versatility in rotating rigs and feeding lines can transform slow sessions into highly productive ones. Tackleuk offers the country’s largest range of pole fishing equipment, including high-end Daiwa poles and essential pole elastication accessories, catering to all levels of pole fishing enthusiasts.

At The Tackle Store Chester, a comprehensive range of pole fishing gear and accessories from leading manufacturers is available, including threaders, rigs, floats, and more, to accommodate all areas of pole fishing.

When it comes to baiting poles, the Nash Bushwhacker Pro Baiting Pole System 15m stands out as the best overall, while the Cygnet 12m Baiting pole is recognized for its strength, and the Aqua Atom Baiting Pole 12m is known for its ease of use.

The CORUS 18m Long Reach Baiting Pole, with its advanced design, includes a floating spoon and float, ideal for delivering rigs with precision in hard-to-reach areas. This kit is a perfect solution for quietly placing baits accurately.

Expert Insights on Pole Fishing

Handling a fishing pole, especially longer ones like 13m, requires understanding the balance for proper bait presentation and bite detection. Despite modern poles being lightweight, mastering their handling is crucial for effective fishing.

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