Discover the Various Carp Species in the UK

Discover the Various Carp Species in the UK

Explore the diverse world of carp fishing in the UK with Carpworld™, the nation’s premier carp fishing resource. Carpworld offers a plethora of stories, tactics, and insights, perfect for both novices and experienced anglers. As dusk falls across the water, it becomes a time to unite and indulge in the allure of carp fishing.

The Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) stands out as one of the most prevalent and easily recognized carp species in the UK, inhabiting various freshwater environments like lakes, rivers, and canals. Its distinctive scale pattern and robust body shape make it a popular choice among anglers worldwide.

An exceptional F1 carp catch, weighing in at 7lb 14oz, was made at Manor Farm Leisure in 2016, setting a UK record. Meanwhile, carp angler David Williams secured the heftiest F1 carp on record at a Lancashire club water, with the specimen tipping the scales at 13lb 8oz. It’s worth noting that Linear Carp, while not a separate species, refers to a form of Mirror carp known for its specific scale arrangement.

At The Carp Co, one can find a selection of Carp in three varieties based on scale formation. They offer guaranteed delivery of all types of cold water pond fish, ranging from Koi to Goldfish, Shubunkins, Barbel, Tench, and other Pond Fish from their Kent Fish Farm.

For those seeking a premium carp fishing experience, Elphicks Fisheries near Royal Tunbridge Wells features seven waters, with the North Lake being particularly renowned. This 6-acre specimen carp water accommodates a maximum of 10 anglers and is home to Carp up to 50lb+.

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Priory Fishery is known for rearing Carp, from sizes as small as 3-4 inches to impressive double figures. Due to high demand, reservations for the larger sizes are often made a year in advance. This has led to significant growth, with Carp originally stocked at 3-4lb in 2006 now reaching upper forties, as reported by fishery manager Kenny Gates.

For an exclusive angling getaway, Cottington Lakes Fishery in Kent, often referred to as ‘England’s garden’, ranks as a top destination. And if you’re planning a carp fishing holiday, York Lakeside’s luxury self-catering lodges, complete with modern conveniences like hot tubs, make for an ideal retreat.

Gardner Tackle TV extends an invitation to immerse yourself in their carp fishing videos, offering a wealth of knowledge on methods, tactics, rig construction, and more, to enhance the fishing adventures for anglers of all skill levels.

Discover the Various Carp Species in the UK

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