Discover the Best River Fishing Tips and Locations in the UK

Discover the Best River Fishing Tips and Locations in the UK

Rivers in England are often the top choice for many coarse anglers, offering a variety of species from pike to trout and some migratory sea species. When river fishing, it’s important to be aware of the closed seasons, which in England run from March 15th to June 15th. For instance, the River Dove in Derbyshire is a notable spot for avid anglers.

Groundbait is essential for catching bream, and its composition demands careful consideration. It should be high in fishmeal and mixed to be heavy and sticky to prevent it from being washed away by the current.

Sywell Reservoir in Northamptonshire, a 67-acre lake established in the early 1900s, stands out as one of the leading fisheries for tench in the British Isles. This location is not only historic but also provides a unique fishing experience.

For those looking to explore fishing in tidal rivers, the River Ant at Ludham Bridge in Norfolk is an excellent choice. Fishing around the main road bridge, especially early or late in the day, can yield roach, skimmers, perch, and hybrids. It’s important to check tidal times and aim to fish during the ebb.

The York District Angling Association offers fantastic opportunities with all species present. Their Ouse stretch at Widdington is renowned for its chub and barbel, while Beningborough is ideal for a big bag of river bream. Membership details and more information can be found at York District Angling Association.

In Wales, the River Towy and River Usk offer unique fishing experiences. The Towy is known for its big fish, including a record 22-pounder, while the Usk is famous for wild brown trout. However, careful navigation is necessary due to deep holes and slippery conditions.

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For those wishing to tackle the River Wye, the lower tidal river at Brockweir near Chepstow is a good starting point, particularly for barbel fishing. The river, originating from the Welsh mountains, offers varied fishing experiences along its course.

For more detailed river fishing tips and locations, visit Angling Times, Angling Direct, and

Discover the Best River Fishing Tips and Locations in the UK

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