Discover the Best in Fishing Gear at Angling Direct UK

Discover the Best in Fishing Gear at Angling Direct UK

Angling Direct is the UK’s premier destination for premium fishing tackle and gear. As the number one fishing tackle shop online in the UK, it boasts a massive inventory of over 15,000 items, sourced from top suppliers. Angling Direct ensures competitive pricing, with daily price checks to offer the best value. What’s more, they offer free delivery across the UK for all orders over £25.

Discover the Best in Fishing Gear at Angling Direct UK

Proudly partnering as a Trade Associate with the Angling Trust, Angling Direct also supports the Anglers Against Pollution campaign. Unlike other fishing tackle shops, Angling Direct prides itself on being the top Fishing Tackle Store in the UK. This means customers get access to the latest and greatest selection of fishing brands and products, featuring recent releases from top brands like Trakker, Korda, RidgeMonkey, and Preston.

For coarse fishing enthusiasts, Angling Direct offers a comprehensive range of match fishing tackle suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned anglers. Their selection covers pole fishing, float fishing, and feeder fishing, among other methods, targeting a variety of freshwater species, excluding salmon or trout.

Their online store also showcases a wide selection of sea fishing tackle, including rods, reels, lures, and rigs. Brands like Daiwa, Shimano, Penn, Mitchell, Rapala, and many more are available, often with exclusive deals.

For those interested in long-distance casting or shore fishing, Angling Direct provides a range of fishing rods suitable for various budgets, from affordable options at £30 to premium choices up to £600. Additional accessories like fishing rod bags and stands are also available.

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Visit their website for more information, and start your fishing adventure with Angling Direct now!

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