Crabbing Adventures: A Guide for Families and Beginners

Crabbing Adventure

Crabbing is a delightful and engaging activity for both adults and children, offering a blend of fun and nature exploration. It’s important to note, however, that our canoes have a weight limit and are not suitable for individuals over 18 stone (114 kg), as they may tip over. Preparing for crabbing is simple: all you need is a half-filled bucket of seawater, a hook-free crab line, a catching net, and some bait – raw bacon is a popular choice among crabs.

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One excellent choice for beginners, especially children, is the Nalu Yellow Children’s Sea Beach Crabbing 11 Metre Crab Line. This set comes with a bait bag, safety net, and rod, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. When planning a crabbing trip, it’s essential to check the tide times and parking availability. The best time to crab is when the tide is going out, allowing you to explore the newly exposed areas for these fascinating creatures.

Crab lines with ring nets are particularly effective, enabling quick scooping of crabs and reducing their chances of escape. It’s advised to half-fill a bucket with sea or river water and add some bacon for the crabs you catch. For a more eco-friendly option, consider a plastic-free crab line like the Yello bait bag. This is not only better for the environment but also provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn and develop new skills.

Crabbing Adventure

When crabbing, patience is key. Slowly bring in the line when you feel a tug, ensuring the crab remains a couple of feet under the water before scooping it up. Crabbing methods can vary from simple lines to more complex setups like trotlines, which require weights and floats. The Oceanside Pier, for example, is an excellent crabbing spot due to its extensive length and abundant space.

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Remember, the enjoyment of crabbing lies in the experience itself, the anticipation each time you lower the crabbing line into the water, and the excitement of seeing how many crabs are lured by your bait. Whether you’re a seasoned crabber or a beginner, the thrill of the catch remains an unmatched experience.

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